Self Titled 7"

by Furnace

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Released 2007 by Shock Value Records.
500 7"s out of print.


released January 1, 2007

Recorded and mixed Apr 22, 2006 by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios, Amherst, MA.
Artwork done by ???



all rights reserved


Furnace Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Impossible Dream
When did this happen?
Tell me when did this happen?
Since when were all the streets patrolled by intimidation?
I want to believe you're here to help us, protect us
We deal with this every day, forced into fear
I want to believe you're doing more harm than good
Blue lights, green eyes
And you're on top of the world
So fill your fucking quota
So fill your fucking quota
Let's take it back to a far off place, a different time
We all felt safe and you didn't cross the line
We could drive around and be eighteen
Windows down not a care in the world
And not be judged by the power trip that haunts our every step
The impossible dream
Track Name: Arbitrary
There's a lack of bitter judgement
A lack of respect
I will not comply to standards
At the risk of sounding sincere
I am not addicted to myself
Track Name: The Sun Never Sets On Science Fiction
Religion and what you think
Blinded by humanity
Alien bodies and hydrogen bombs
Governed by Lord Xenu
Take me back to a time where science fiction was a lie
We've come to a time where stories become beliefs
We've come to a time where stories become beliefs
Think for yourself
Track Name: Astronaut
We put ourselves in this standstill
We dedicate most of our younger lives
Dreaming big and settling for less
We slowly sink into hardening ground, we don't fight it
Pull the strings, fit the mold
The further we get the less we see, the less we hear
We're all shutting down and no ones cares
It's just over the bend, we don't have a fighting chance
Living week to week, day to day
We breathe it in
We can't wake up
Striving, working to be content
The pressure it's building, we're in over our heads
Drawing maps and diagrams
Our stories told before we're born
Track Name: Our Struggling Times
You're too scared to let go (This pain goes unnoticed)
Everyone lives in fear of everyone else
Stay inside, shut the blinds, and cover their ears
Am I the only one left with any common sense?
Breathe in new air
Your train of thought doesn't make much sense
Your train of thought doesn't make much sense
And I don't think it will
You're stuck years and years ago
An inhumane fucked up point of view
Those years are gone
But you're here setting back our race
And I've seen this calloused point of view
That you share to anyone around
And it kills me, but it fuels your american heart