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The Goon Dirty, stripped down hardcore playing tempo roulette with it's heavy metal cousin. They definitely have a little Coliseum thang goin' on. Favorite track: Miami Velvet.
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Released 2009 by Shock Value Records, self released, and Gafas Del Rigor Cassettes @
850 LPs, 1000 CDs, 50 cassettes pressed. These are all gone or sitting in the bottom of a Long Island ditch.


released January 1, 2009

Recorded and mixed Jan-Feb 2008 by Jonathan Nunez @ Southern Noise Studio, Miami FL.
Mastered Jan 2008 by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East, Cambridge MA.
Artwork and layout done by John McCarthy @



all rights reserved


Furnace Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Amidst The Sea
You will listen and remember my words
You might be scared
But I have been in your position before
And I know you think you're free now
But you're not
This is only the beginning
So settle down
And join the crowd
There are millions like you
Being born and dying everyday
Reaching into your pockets
We find what we need
While you lose yourself
Amidst the sea
Track Name: Giles Corey
Let's kill them all they said
Let's hang them by thier necks
Maybe if you werent so fucked up
This wouldn't happen
But what has changed
This shouldnt happen
If you admit it you live
If you deny you it you die
It's all just stories
It's all just make believe
Even if you sold your soul, it's not a crime
Do you live under a rock
Or do you not understand
No you dont understand anything
You people never change
Track Name: Drained
Now I've lost patience with you
Don't you think you've done enough as it is?
I want to trust you
You say I should
I can tell what is really going on
You lie straight through that glass
Everytime we meet straight through those teeth
You know what you've done
I'm just a set of numbers
And a balance
Waiting to be drained
A simple set of numbers
And a balance
Waiting to be drained
I'm drained
When all you do is live and breathe green
You will suffocate
Track Name: Welcome To The Farm
Everybody look away
Shield your eyes or they'll tear those eyes right out
With every silent passing moment
The tension builds
And we all have different agendas
But we all seem to be heading the same way
My fists are tightening now
Don't fucking touch me
I can feel my heart beating through my veins
Track Name: She's A Mighty Ship
Red skies filled with smoke
Attracts my eye
What has happened to this place?
I smell panic
Blood and tears
What has happened here?
Why can't I move?
Where are my legs?
I feel so awake
Like I have never lived
Am I to believe the end is near?
Watch this burn die in fear
Track Name: Wakulla County
You will not amount to anything more
Than the badge on your chest
I'm sure your family's so proud
But what do we know
We broke your law
You are the law
Something must be done
Or your boss will kill you
And if I could
I'd shove my Hanes down your throat
You took advantage of your position
And I assume you still sleep well at night
If I had the chance
I'd shove your badge right down your throat
Track Name: Turns To Dust
Why can't I stay in one place for more than a minute
There is so much out there left to see (I know)
Constant motion (Absorbing everything)
Beyond these lines (Beyond the lines)
Something's driving me away
Strapped down for death
For death
As far as I'm concerned
You can stay home and rot
Rot away
You can stay home and rot
Rot away
Track Name: Cut The Chord
Since you were younger they tried to teach you everything they know
It's not much but it's something that they're proud to show
The blind leading the uninformed
You have no choice
No choice
You might as well figure things out
Just because they're speaking doesn't mean
They know what's right
Just because they're speaking doesn't mean
They know what's right
It takes much more
Than someone else's train of thought to fully understand
Fuck your views
What do you know
Never left your house
Yet you've seen it all
Keep it to your self
Track Name: Too Punk To Pay
When I say thanks for nothing I fucking mean it
We mean it
It will catch up with you
It will catch up with you
And when it does
It'll tear the skin clear off your limbs
But don't panic
The wind will take you
Where you need to be
Where you need to be
When you say thanks for nothing we fucking hear it
You were screaming it on your way out
You were screaming it on your way in
I guess this this is what we get
Lesson learned never again
Never again
Don't let your guard down
They'll take you for everything you have
Don't let your guard down
Never again